Music to your ears

Summer 2019

Started a new job about a month ago.

Wrote this while on a call. Calls keeps me very busy. I mean this a call I have to be on, but I’ll be on mute for an hour in a half so why not open up and start writing. I’m too busy to listen to all the music I want to. It’s forced me to think about what consuming other people’s art means. Yeah it’s all about me. Like, why do I spend so much time trying to be on top of a scene, knowing release dates, and stalking producers’ Instagrams (shoutout to possessive plurals) to see which city they’re in? It’s just to catch random dj sets. Did it once, worth it.

Anyways, for the time being it’s not about being the first person to hear some heat, but about putting on something that makes your day incrementally better. And why does it need to be anything else? With that, here are a couple jams only from summers past that keep me going and remind me that summertime Chicago is heaven on Earth. If I play my cards right, I might have 60 more of these magical seasons left. That’s crazy.

Peach Jam: 88 Rising (2018)

Joji is the trailer park Donald Glover. Resident YouTube insane person, Filthy Frank, turned challenging and versatile vocalist. Can’t beat it for feel good jam featuring “shoot” originator Blocboy JB over a bouncy, elastic beat. It’s timeless. “My favorite pick me up. No plans, I’d rather stay with ya, hot damn.” Yeah, I can get down with that.

Money: Guapdad4000 (2017 somehow)

The fluorescent durag-peddling personality is blowing up right now as a Dreamville step-sibling, but his Money freestyle is fire start to finish.

Put You On: Anderson Paak (2014)

Whoever AP put on in 2014 is either doing big shit or crumbled under the pressure of being put on. He was ahead of his time and Venice in general delivers, spacey patio/beach/porch vibes. “Now you be tossin’ it like Serena” remains a favorite line. “Might Be” is a go to track if you’re kicking it.

Toothache: Topaz Jones (2018)

Dig the pacing and energy, but pay attention to the wordplay and lose track of whatever’s in front of you and let the stink-face take over.

Klink: Smino (2018)

Distractingly good production doesn’t scream summer, and I’ve always thought Smino’s sound was more wintery, but Klink has enough depth to capture a late night hang where everyone’s almost had enough to drink and need something to postpone ordering an Uber with a couple minutes of head nodding.

Anything from Funk Wav Bounces Vol.1

Calvin Harris knew what he was doing. Can’t miss with this whole tape. Feels, Slide, and Rollin (in that order) are guaranteed party fuel. Everything else still keeps the fire going until you throw some more potent shit on.


Add pictures to your playlist covers. It takes two minutes, and tickles you every time you open it. It’s the little stuff that matters.