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Consequences be damned.

The Other Line‘s story began in Chicago, where almost everyone rides a “line” to get to where they need to be. It started on a cold, wintry, Chicago night, when three young professionals decided to go out on a work night in Wicker Park. With the consequences all too clear and the evening turning into morning, the three pressed on into the night with Old Style, darts, and impromptu rapping. Like so many hard working folk in arguably the greatest city in America, they saw weekdays as roadblocks to the weekend and weeknights as time only for rest and sleep. But they realized that’s not how it should be. That’s not what it has to be. 

It’s said the obvious choice is usually the most straightforward and on that cold, but fun weeknight, they saw a literal and straightforward disconnect: from Lakeview to Wicker Park, Wicker Park to West Town, and West Town to Lakeview, and all vice versa, between where they lived and where they drank, ate, and “got down.” It always seemed so difficult to get between where and what they wanted to be, to where and what they needed to be.  They saw a literal distance from weeknight to fun, from work mode to life mode and it seemed obvious that their should be an easier way to bridge what seems so far, but really is so close and should be connected. After all, the good people of Chicago ride the Brown, Red, Green lines every day. To and fro, to connect the places where we all need to be. Then why wasn’t there a direct line to where we wanted to be? Through doing what they loved, consequences be damned, that line was found in The Other Line.

Everyone, no matter where you live or what you do, has that metaphorical line-less distance from Wicker Park. Everyone has their life after work and finds the struggle to do something they love after coming from where they need to be. Everyone has found themselves trapped in that routine, seemingly going on a looping and endless cycle.

Of course the lines grind and so do we all, but every single day should be a day where we do something that we love. There should never be a reason for the Red, Green, Blue, Brown, Orange, Pink, Purple to be the only line you ride that day. To put it more simply, every day should be connected to something you love and not just something you need – everyday should be a day we all take The Other LineSo share in what The Other Line stands for and ride the Line from what you need to what you want. And it doesn’t matter what day of the week it is, The Other Line stops all over, and it’s even better when the stops aren’t the same. And while we all can’t always be on The Other Line, trust that it will always be stopping somewhere. 

As TOL guys, we tracked some of what The Other Line stands for in what we call SpReLi. Sport. Refection. Libation. Sport is what pushes you. Refection is what nourishes you. And Libation is what intoxicates you. We love to see people living their life no matter what the conditions and also want to give a voice to those when we can. To see that it’s all about doing what you love to find fulfillment, you can check out SpReLi and our individual pages, Phil, Luke, and Cy to see what kind of directions we take The Other Line


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